Henda's Law National Breast Density Re-Awareness Social Media Campaign

The battle is not over and breast cancer is still very real affecting EVERY SINGLE woman and their families in the country. More to the point a recent study published by the esteemed Boston School of Medicine (Boston University Article) and an independent study released by Hologic in 2018 (Hologic Findings) state that ten (10) years after Henda’s Law and its influence, that prompted 38 other states to adopt MANDATORY Breast Density Notifications (DBMs),  THAT OVER 68% OF ALL WOMEN STILL DO NOT KNOW THEIR BREAST DENSITY AND THAT THEY HAVE A 4X-6X TIMES CHANCE OF DEVELOPING  BREAST CANCER.

Henda’s Law is calling all Mothers, Daughters and the Men who love them to continue the fight by registering your support and enter your email below.

The goals of this campaign are:

  • Educate women about the importance of knowing their breast density
  • Encourage annual screening after forty 3D Mammography is now the standard of care in Texas
  • Collect 50,000, initial, electronic enrollments and social shares of support and use Henda’s Law to drive enhance the delivery of Breast Density Notifications (BDMs) to include modern form video and Social Media PSA Ads that Google has agreed to publish via a $120,000 annual grant, with your support Facebook/Instagram will certainly follow.  This is 2020 and a new age technology and how information is internalized and it is our ALL OF OUR (MEN & WOMEN) responsibilities to all of our Mothers, Sisters, Wives, Auuts , and Daughters to SUPPORT THIS EFFORT!

Henda’s Law changed the standard of care for EVERY woman in the State of Texas on June 17, 2011.

House Bill 2102 requires all mammography centers to specifically notify women about DENSE breast tissue and the increased risks associated therewith.

YES! Add my name to Henda’s Law efforts to add Video and Social Media Requirements to all DENSE Breast Notification systems at a State and Federal Level!

Support this Campaign NOW, because it just might just be your Mother, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Niece, or Daughter’s Life You Save!

Supporters receive a FREE e-copy of the true story of how Henda’s Law was born.

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